Imran is the founding partner at Action Potential Venture Capital, GSK’s venture capital fund focused on investing in companies that pioneer bioelectronic medicines and other whitespace non-drug therapies.  Imran represents Action Potential as a board member for NeuSpera, SetPoint, Axon Therapies and Presidio. Imran is also a founding member and program advisor to the Harvard Healthtech Fellowship which aims to bring together innovators from the fields of engineering, technology and medicine to discover and develop novel non-drug therapies.

Prior to his role at Action Potential, Imran headed up GSK’s Investment Management group and was responsible for accessing innovation external to GSK by making and managing investments in life science venture capital funds and direct investments in biotechs. Outside of work Imran is on the Board of Trustees of the Hartford Seminary and on the Board of Ambassadors of the Brooke Charter School a K-8 public charter school network in Boston dedicated to getting underserved students to and through college. Imran is based in Cambridge, MA.

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