Join us to shape and transform the future of therapeutics.

BioFuture is where relentless therapeutic pioneers, innovators, and investors gather to assess and shape the future of healthcare and digital health. Participate in candid, unfiltered discussions. At this year’s summit, we’ll explore the exciting mashup between rapidly evolving fields including biopharma, digital medicine, big data, AI, healthcare systems, payors, and more. The coming decade will dramatically accelerate the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem. Be part of the discussions that will shape and transform the future of therapeutics.

How to Attend

Join us October 4-6 in New York City. Your registration includes full access to panels, workshops and fireside chats featuring key opinion leaders speaking on the most relevant topics and trends. Discover and connect with the most innovative biotech and digital medicine companies in company presentations. Meet and build relationships with investors and potential partners during networking receptions and one-to-one meetings. 

What to Expect

  • Plenary Session

  • Fireside Chats

  • Workshops

  • Presenting Companies

  • One-to-One Meetings

  • Networking Receptions

Discussion Areas

  • Health at a Crossroads: What is the Path Forward?
  • Next-Generation Cancer Therapeutics
  • Think Different: Commercialization as Innovation
  • Neurotech: Non-Invasive Neuromodulation and Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Gene Editing Therapies
  • Leveraging AI and ML to Advance Discovery and Accelerate Drug Development
  • Fireside Chat: Deeper into the Data for Transformative Health
  • TechBio: Investment Fad or Here to Stay?
  • Impact of Wearable Sensors & Affective Computing
  • Women’s Health: Getting the Long Overdue Research Attention, Investment, & Innovation
  • Fostering Greater Engagement, Collaboration, and Innovation Across a Remote/Hybrid Workforce 
  • Funding Innovation: What is the New Normal?
  • Seed Financing: Value Creation, Laying the Foundation to Raise Money
  • Next Generation of Founder-Led Biotechs
  • New Diagnostics: Revolutionizing Care in Alzheimer’s
  • Clinical Trials: An Evolving Force for Inclusion & Access 2030
  • Aging & Longevity: Are Health Systems Ready for the Tsunami?
  • Fireside Chat: Vision, Grit and the Impulse to Innovate; a discussion with Raphael Rakowski
  • Improving Global Drug Access: Plants as Bioreactors & On-Demand Manufacturing               
  • Virtual Reality, Psychedelics & Mental Health

Challenge current wisdom. Debate new trends. Discover new frontiers.

Why NYC?

NYC’s healthcare industry has expanded exponentially during the last decade. Driven by public & private initiatives, it has emerged as a hub for innovation in the life sciences and digital health space. LifeSciNY is allocating $500 million in investment toward establishing NYC as the leader in life sciences innovation and R&D. NYC has become an ideal environment in which to launch & build a healthcare company and an ideal location to hold a conference of this caliber.

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