New York City

NYC’s healthcare industry has expanded exponentially in the last decade. It’s growth in the past year alone has been a testament to the resilience of this city in the face of great challenges. Driven by public and private initiatives, it has emerged as a vibrant hub for innovation in science, medicine, and digital health. In 2016, New York City announced the creation of LifeSciNY, allocating $500 million to establish NYC as the leader in life sciences innovation and R&D. Home to many established and influential institutions such as Cornell Medical Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York University, Rockefeller University, and many others, NYC has become an ideal environment in which to launch and build a healthcare company. Successful examples including Y-Mabs, Kallyope, Quentis, Flatiron, Petra Pharma, Schrodinger, and many others. Today there are over 300 healthcare venture groups in NYC.


BioFuture will be held at the beautiful Lotte New York Palace, located in the heart of Midtown at 455 Madison Avenue.

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