Sam Kerr heads the corporate development function at Interaxon, a late-stage venture neurotechnology and brain data company specializing in remote head-worn biosensing systems and corresponding personalized interventional offerings. In his role, Sam leads the charge to leverage the Company’s technology across several clinical applications, working to bridge the shrinking gap between consumer wellness and clinical care.

Sam’s career began in deal origination at a boutique private equity firm. Over the course of his career, Sam held positions in management consulting, corporate development, and investor relations functions; with the past decade concentrated across the emerging technology and healthcare industries. Prior to his time with Interaxon, Sam worked with Epic Capital, a healthcare-focused venture fund, advising on investment strategy, due diligence, and deal structuring. Sam is also a partner at Clarity & Company, a strategic advisory firm focused on helping healthcare leaders and executives chart a clear path to growth.

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