Ralph Snyderman, MD, Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University from 1989 to July 2004 led the transition of an excellent medical center into an internationally recognized leader of academic medicine. He oversaw the development of the Duke University Health System, one of the most successful integrated academic health systems in the country, and served as its first President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Snyderman has played a leading role in the conception and development of personalized health care, an evolving model of national health care delivery. He was among the first to describe personalized health care — a personalized, proactive, patient-driven approach to care that is recognized as a dominant force to improve health and minimize the burdens of disease. The Association of American Medical Colleges has referred to Dr. Snyderman as the “father of personalized medicine.” He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and is the recipient of numerous scientific and leadership awards.

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