Peter Yoo, PhD, is Senior Director, Neuroscience at Synchron and leads Synchron’s Neuroscience R&D department. His team is pioneering a new frontier in the treatment of neurological disorders by designing bleeding edge modeling techniques to unprecedented access to brain data.


Peter holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne (UoM), during which he investigated the feasibility of utilizing high spatiotemporal resolution ultra-high field functional MRI as a presurgical diagnostic tool for invasive BCIs. He completed his thesis in three years, with the four experimental chapters being published in top-ranking journals in their respective fields and being recommended for the prestigious Chancellor’s Prize. He has published 12 papers and patents, 7 of which he is the first author, and is an active member in the Vascular Bionics Laboratory at UoM. During his candidature, he received numerous scholarships and awards, including the Leslie Eric Paddle Scholarship in Neurology.

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