Melissa Bianchi leads the firm’s digital health initiative, bringing together a cross-disciplinary approach to digital health products such as mobile apps, wearable sensors, and other health IT solutions. Well versed in health privacy law, she helps clients navigate a range of complex health data issues under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other U.S. laws.

Melissa advises companies and academic medical centers on cutting-edge clinical research issues, genetic information, and tissue and data repositories. She handles health information exchange and meaningful use issues for hospitals and their vendors, and works closely with a number of academic medical centers on structuring research activities under HIPAA, managing student health centers, and general HIPAA compliance.

Melissa understands the health data issues unique to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. She also has a deep knowledge of – and speaks extensively about – prescription drug coverage under health reform and Medicaid expansion. Since passage of the Medicare Part D program, she has been advising drug companies on coverage issues and also helps health plans with compliance.

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