Multinational entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Brad Schmidt is the CEO and co-founder of Panaxium, a Bioelectronic Medicine company focused on developing the world’s first iontronic platform to heal an injured or diseased human brain. The company’s objective is to create a seamless interface between a neural implant and the brain itself that will improve plasticity, direct precision healing, and resynchronization of network disfunctions that manifest as a wide range of neurological ailments. Panaxium’s team is currently working with several world-leading clinical neurology and neurosurgical research groups in Europe, North America, and Australia in order to apply iontronic devices that function by reading and stimulating using the true “ionic” language of neurons, to jointly define the future of medical treatments for the brain. Dr. Schmidt has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University, where his research was focused on nanobiotechnology and integrated photonics. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Applied and Engineering Physics, also from Cornell. Prior to founding Panaxium, Dr. Schmidt worked in other startups and spin-outs in the analytical instruments and medical imaging spaces and was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. He is a director of the corporate board of Orthogonal Inc., a US-based specialty chemical company for the OLED display industry. Dr. Schmidt splits his time between Toronto and Aix-en-Provence with his wife and two children.

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