Private Company Presenting Information

Private Companies Invited to Present

Private companies requesting presentation slots should be seeking A round or later funding to be considered for a presentation at BioFutureTM. Private companies featured at BioFutureTM fall into the following broad groups:

  • Small/large molecule R&D therapeutic
  • Platform
  • Tool
  • Delivery
  • Molecular diagnostic and personalized medicine
  • Research focused service providers
  • Digital Medicine
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Presentation Timeframes

Venture and angel-backed private life science companies are invited to request a 15-minute corporate presentation slot. Breakout Rooms are provided for post-presentation discussions, and will be located in the presenting company area for quick access.

Private Company Fees:

  • Private company presentation fee: $1,100
  • Registration fee per presenter: $1,850
  • Total Fee: $2,950

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