Barry Holtz, PhD, CSO at Phylloceuticals has extensive expertise in the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing industry, including facilities design, process development and quality systems development. Dr. Holtz was a co-founder of G-Con and co-inventor of the G-CON autonomous clean-rooms. He also led the design, construction, commissioning and operations of the DARPA/G-CON effort that resulted in the Caliber Biotherapeutics facility in Bryan,Texas. Barry was Senior Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Development for Large Scale Biology Corporation (LSBC) for 15 years. He has held research management positions at Foremost-McKesson and was on the faculty of Ohio State University. He received his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University and was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Barry has been awarded 23 U.S. patents and has published more than 60 scientific papers.

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