2023 Agenda

Friday, October 6

BioFuture 2023 Themes
(subject to change)

“Big Think” Plenary Sessions:
• Wellcare: Making the Leap from Sick-Care
• Personalized Medicines: Gene Editing and beyond
• AI: It is Revolutionizing Diagnostics and Treatment
• Aging: Longevity, Rejuvenation, and Ethical Implications

• Brain Plasticity: On the Frontiers of Neuroscience
• Clinical Trials: Wearables and Digital Biomarkers
• Big Language (Natural Language Processing NLP): Its Potential Impact
• The Tech in Bio: Nanotech, Implantables, and Virtual Reality
• A Brave New World: Tissue Engineering, bioprinting, and Organ Rejuvenation

• Novel Treatments for Uncurable Diseases
• Living Drugs: AKA – the Microbiome
• Integrating Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics for Improved Patient Outcomes
• Technological Advancements for Alzheimer’s Therapies
• Psychedelics and New Views on Ancient Medicines

• Exit Strategies: IPO, M&A, and Staying Private in the Biotech Industry
• Regulatory Evolution: Pricing Considerations in the IRA & EU

Ethics & Society:
• Regaining Public Trust: The Art of Communication and Action
• Ensuring Representation to Create Inclusive Solutions
• Ethical Considerations in Biotechnology: Balancing Progress and Responsibility
• Healthcare Challenges in the Face of Climate, Environment, and Social Factors

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