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Wednesday, November 9

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7:00 am


8:20 am – Villard Ballroom

Welcome Back

  • Sara Jane Demy, Founder & CEO, Demy-Colton

8:30 am – Villard Ballroom

“Big Think” Plenary Session

Life Sciences Community Driving Innovation: Are We Prepared?

What should be the elements for a National Policy on healthy longevity? Healthy Longevity, the extension of lifespan together with the expansion of healthspan (the period of life spent in good health), could potentially save trillions in healthcare costs and economic growth from an expanded market of healthy, active elderly. Yet, the US, unlike some other parts of the globe, has no national policy on healthy longevity. Join our panel of experts as they imagine what goals and elements – in research, clinical practice, regulatory framework, reimbursement and others – of such a national policy should be, informed by views in other countries. 

Who will fund the innovation necessary to achieve (or approach) healthy longevity for all?  What innovations should/will be funded?  How will such innovative products and services be reimbursed or paid for? Join a roundtable of senior leaders in Big Pharma, Big Food, biotech, venture capital and other emerging sources of funding for a unique discussion across multiple domains on who may be the major players in the rapidly growing longevity industry.


  • David Hancock, Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS


  • Phyllis Barkman Ferrell, Global Head, External Engagement for Alzheimer's disease & Neurodegeneration, Eli Lilly & Company; Executive-on-loan, Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
  • Susan Rosenthal, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences & Healthcare, New York City Economic Development Corporation  (NYCEDC)
  • Peter Rubin, Executive Director, No Patient Left Behind
  • Thomas Seoh, President & CEO, Kinexum

9:30 am – Holmes I

Seed Financing: Value Creation, Laying the Foundation to Raise Money 


  • Anton Xavier, Director, Startup Life Science Banking, Silicon Valley Bank


  • Anna Barry, PhD, Venture Partner, Deerfield Management
  • Olga Danilchanka, PhD, Principal, MRL Ventures Fund
  • Sanjay Mistry, PhD, Vice President, Venture Investments, New Company Creation, JJDC

9:30 am – Holmes II

Next Generation of Founder-Led Biotechs 

Is the future of biopharma founder-led? Many in our industry have been dismissive of founders—touting that years of experience are necessary for biotech success. Yet these founders are here to prove them wrong. Join us for a dynamic discussion on what makes a great founder-operator, how to build a winning team, and lessons learned from founders who are creating the future of biopharma.


  • Dawn Bell, PharmD, Global Development Head, Strategic Partnerships, Novartis


  • Milad Alucozai, Head of Life Sciences, BoxOne Ventures
  • Olga Granaturova, Co-Founder & COO, Parthenon Therapeutics
  • Beth Hoffman, PhD, Founder & CEO, Origami Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Misti Ushio, PhD, Former CEO, TARA Biosystems
  • Ashley Zehnder, PhD, DVM, CEO & Founder, Fauna Bio

9:30 am – 12:30 pm Kennedy I & II


10:30 am – Holmes I

New Diagnostics: Revolutionizing Clinical Trials and Care in Alzheimer’s  

Rapid acceleration of Alzheimer’s drug development and optimizing care both begin with the ability to accurately diagnose individuals as early in the disease as possible. Biomarkers are already used to great effect in early and later stage trials, improving study enrollment, providing data quickly about whether a drug is hitting its intended target in the brain, and providing a way to track and match biologic and treatment effects. As the field develops more drugs against a wide range of targets based on the biology of aging, biomarkers will give physicians the diagnostic tools they need to zero in on the causes of each patient’s Alzheimer’s and tailor drug combinations to provide precision personalized medicine. The day will soon come when a simple blood sample, retina scan, or even a smartphone app will be able to quickly, accurately and efficiently identify underlying causes of Alzheimer’s in individual patients.


  • Laura Nisenbaum, PhD, Executive Director, Drug Development, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation


  • Travis Bond, CEO, Altoida
  • Catherine Bornbaum, PhD, Head of Clinical Operations & Partnerships, RetiSpec
  • Kira Sheinerman, PhD, Co-Founder & Executive Director, DiamiR

10:30 am – Holmes II

Clinical Trials: An Evolving Force for Inclusion & Access 2030

CROs, therapeutic sponsors, and digital technologies combine forces to improve patient access, recruitment, diversity, and inclusion.


  • Susanna Harris, PhD, Head, Communications, Vibe Bio


  • Derk Arts, MD, PhD, CEO & Founder, Castor
  • Jason Baumgartner, CEO & President, BEKHealth Corporation
  • Chris Benko, CEO, Koneksa
  • Del Smith, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Acclinate

10:30 am – 12:30 pm Adams, Louis, Apartment South

Presenting Companies

11:30 am – Holmes I

Aging & Longevity: Are Health Systems Ready for the Tsunami

Scientific advances in Alzheimer’s disease have progressed alongside global political commitments, resulting in new reasons for optimism for our brain span to equal our life span. Advances in science have created progress in biomarkers and disease state understanding allowing the development of technologies to improve diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. With a global aging population, these innovations are not only necessary, they are critical for a thriving silver economy. However, even with great advancement, if care at the bedside is not transformed, patients will not benefit, and the innovations will not be utilized. Progress in this space will depend on new paradigms for diagnosis, care and treatment, as well investment in innovative solutions for health system workflow. Programs like the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative are using implementation science and agile transformation to study the impact of innovation in real-world settings.


  • Phyllis Barkman Ferrell, Global Head, External Engagement for Alzheimer's disease & Neurodegeneration, Eli Lilly & Company; Executive-on-loan, Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative


  • Magda Baksh, Research Operations Manager, AdventHealth & Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
  • Craig Ritchie, MD, PhD, Director Brain Health Scotland, Chair Scottish Dementia Research Consortium
  • Deanna Willis, MD, Interim Chair, Family Medicine; Family Medicine Professor of Primary Care and Population Health Research; Professor of Family Medicine, Indiana University

12:30 pm – Villard Ballroom

Food for Thought: Luncheon Discussion

Fireside Chat: Vision, Grit and the Impulse to Innovate; a discussion with Raphael Rakowski

Raphael Rakowski, Executive Chair, Chief Business Development Officer, Co-Founder, Medically Home

2:00 pm – Holmes I

Improving Global Drug Access: Plants as Bioreactors & On-Demand Manufacturing
This session will include three of today's greatest thinkers on the future of manufacturing in life sciences. The pandemic showed us that new platforms can transform the speed at which we deliver medicine. This session will showcase plant made manufacturing, on-demand manufacturing and the production of personalized medicine, biosimilars to show a future in which our industry is transforming the speed and capital expenditure expectations of the past to allow true global access to medicine.


  • Susan Stipa, EVP, Public Relations, CGLife 


  • Chandresh Harjivan, PharmD, President, Co-Founder & COO, SaponiQx
  • Barry Holtz, PhD, CSO, Phylloceuticals
  • Ravi Samavedam, Chief Innovation Officer, Azzur

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Kennedy I&II


2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Adams, Louis, Apartment South

Presenting Companies

3:00 pm – Holmes I

Virtual Reality, Psychedelics & Mental Health 


  • Yeji Lee, Healthcare Reporter, Business Insider


  • Walter Greenleaf, PhD, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Stanford University’s MediaX Program
  • Georgia Mitsi, PhD, Former GM Mental Health & VR Solutions, Biogen
  • Greg Ryslik, PhD, SVP, Data Science, Machine Learning, & Digital Health Research , COMPASS Pathways

4:00 pm – Holmes I

Longevity: Insights Reshaping Expectations 


  • Dennis Purcell, Founder, Aisling Capital


  • Noah Davidsohn, PhD, Co-Founder & CSO, Rejuvenate Bio
  • Pierre-Antoine Mudry, Head, Corporate Finance & Investor Relations, Rejuveron
  • Marco Quarta, PhD, CEO, Rubedo Life Sciences
  • Ed Saltzman, Head, Biotech Strategy, Lumanity
  • Hanadie Yousef, PhD, CEO,  Juvena Therapeutics

5:00 pm – Villard Ballroom

A “Big Think” Plenary

In Summary: Charting the Course to Better Health for All


  • Simone Fishburn, PhD, Vice President & Editor in Chief, BioCentury


  • William A Haseltine, PhD, President, ACCESS Health International
  • Sophie Kornowski, PharmD, CEO & Chair of Board, Boston Pharmaceuticals, Partner, Gurnet Point Capital

5:45 pm – Villard Foyer

Closing Reception

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