2021 Agenda

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Tuesday, October 5

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7:00 am

Registration – 12th Floor
Continental Breakfast – 9th & 12th Floors

8:10 am

Welcome Remarks

  • Sara Jane Demy, Founder & CEO, Demy-Colton
  • James E. Flynn, Managing Partner, Deerfield

8:30 am

Opening Plenary – Reimagining Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World
The COVID-19 pandemic fostered a new era in healthcare, one that will be here to stay. Society at large benefitted from disruption to the status quo and turning back will be impossible. During this period, we saw extreme collaborations emerge to solve critical problems and the fast tracking and adoption of innovations that literally changed the way consumers access healthcare. Indeed, this evolution is taking place not only because of amazing advances in therapeutic development. Technology is enabling the collection and utilization of massive amounts of data to better inform healthcare delivery. VR is emerging as a therapeutic tool. Telemedicine and wearables are being adopted. This panel of leading influencers will discuss how we are rethinking, reimagining, and redesigning healthcare systems for the future.

Introductory Comments:

  • Ralph Snyderman, MD, Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University


  • Sara Jane Demy, Founder & CEO, Demy-Colton


  • James E. Flynn, Managing Partner, Deerfield
  • Jeremy Levin, MD, PhD, Chairman & CEO, Ovid Therapeutics Inc.
  • Beth Rogozinski, CEO, Oncoustics
  • Robert J. Schneider, PhD, Albert Sabin Professor of Molecular Pathogenesis, NYU School of Medicine
  • Ralph Snyderman, MD, Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University

9:30 am

Dialogue 1 – The Pursuit of Healthiness: Democratizing Access in a Changed World
Disparities in health across demographic, economic, and regional divides have been on the forefront of policy debates since well before the world changed. The tragedies, challenges and heroic successes of the past year and a half have added urgency and profound resonance to the issue, as we look to fix huge gaps in access across populations. If the goal of any health system is to provide the best for the most, how do we leverage lessons learned from the pandemic as well our ever-evolving innovation arsenal to ensure all individuals (locally, nationally, globally) can get the care they need? Our fortunes as a human population are inextricably linked together, a point made painfully obvious during this epoch. This discussion will explore lessons taken from our recent global experience to build a better, more equitable healthcare system. Luminaries from a range of positions within the healthcare ecosystem – a physician investor with White House experience; a bioethicist and patient advocate; a legal and health policy expert; and the CEO of a cutting edge company using AI to fast-track and streamline innovation – will offer their view of a fairer future.


  • Jeremy Abbate, Vice President & Publisher, Scientific American


  • Josep Bassaganya-Riera, PhD, Chairman & CEO, Landos Biopharma, Inc.
  • Julian Harris, MD, Partner, Deerfield
  • Jennifer Miller, PhD, Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine & Bioethics International
  • Dale C. Van Demark, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery

Salon 1 – The Future of Regenerative Medicine is Personalized
Regenerative medicines include cell therapies, gene therapies, laboratory grown organs and tissues, and xenotransplantation of animal grown humanized organs and tissues. The past few years have witnessed a quantum leap forward in this field and opportunities for disease treatment. Regenerative medicine is advancing with the convergence of different disciplines, from physics to 3D architecture, and the power of machine learning tools. Learn how new startups are transforming the development, manufacture and clinical introduction of these different therapies as both off the shelf and personalized medicine, pioneering a previously inconsistent hand-crafted endeavor to a scalable, efficient, closed-loop, modern process.


  • Robert J. Schneider, PhD, Albert Sabin Professor of Molecular Pathogenesis, NYU School of Medicine


  • Olivier Danos, PhD, CSO, REGENXBIO
  • Parastoo Khoshakhlagh, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, GC Therapeutics
  • Marinna Madrid, PhD, Co-Founder, Cellino
  • Crystal Nyitray, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, Encellin

10:30 am

Spotlight Session – Seed Financing: Value Creation – Laying the Foundation to Raise Money
All innovative companies have to lay a foundation to position their company to raise the money that will eventually be needed to advance development programs. At the seed stage, laying that foundation includes intellectual property protection, attracting and retaining talent, demonstrating credibility by attracting grant monies for their program, and by understanding and articulating growth and exit plans. Successful innovators also understand the importance of learning from others and surrounding their company with advisors who can guide them.


  • Anton Xavier, Director, Startup Life Science Banking, Silicon Valley Bank


  • Frank Cole, Head of Sales, Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD), Inc.
  • Peter Kaplan, Vice President, Executive Search, Talentmark
  • Julia Moore, Managing Partner, Breakout Ventures
  • Priya Reddy, Ventures & Portfolio Associate, StartUp Health

Power Networking

11:30 am

Dialogue 2 – Global Health and The Next Pandemic: Will We Be Prepared?
We know it will happen again. How should governments prepare? How can we strengthen our capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to pandemics? Should we adopt a global health and pandemic treaty? Should we build a global platform for equitable development and distribution of drugs, vaccines, and medical supplies? This panel will highlight how several governments and international organizations did too little to mitigate COVID-19 as lessons for the future and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic.


  • Querida Anderson, Managing Editor, Fierce Pharma, Healthcare, Medtech & Pharma


  • Rick Bright, PhD, Senior Vice President, Pandemic Prevention & Response, Health Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Diane Munch, Head of Global Pricing, Patient & Health Impact, Pfizer
  • Susan Rosenthal, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences & Healthcare, NYCEDC
  • Ajit Singh, PhD, Partner, Artiman Ventures

Salon 2 -New Therapies for Brain Health
Ravaging the health of millions across the world, Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurologic disorder that causes the brain to shrink and brain cells to die. New therapies and approaches to tackle this neurodegenerative disorder are urgently needed, specifically solutions that allow health systems to catch and treat the disease much earlier in the progression, before significant decline. A recent FDA approval for a new therapy has caused quite a stir, and drawn much needed attention to this looming “senior pandemic.” A panel of luminaries will explore what’s on the horizon, including diagnostics, treatments, new disease-modifying digital therapeutics, and other opportunities for investment in a field that is certain to have rapid growth. Additionally, the discussion will address the role policy makers, government entities, healthcare systems, and other sectors should play in sparking innovation in the field.


  • Phyllis Barkman-Ferrell, Global Head of External Engagement for Alzheimer's disease and Neurodegeneration, Eli Lilly & Company


  • Howard Fillit, MD, Founding Executive Director & Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation
  • Ji Li, PhD, President & Chief Strategy Officer, AffaMed Therapeutics
  • Myla Maloney, Chief Commercial Officer, Premier Applied Sciences
  • Brent Vaughan, CEO, Cognito Therapeutics

12:30 pm

Lunch & Networking

1:30 pm

Dialogue 3 – Breakthrough Therapies: Brought to you by Game Changing Technologies!
The confluence and integration of new and evolving technologies including Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and wearable sensors are leading to a new paradigm treating, and even curing, intractable diseases and conditions. We are on the cusp of a game changing, and transformative era in healthcare. In fact, today, we are seeing combination therapies involving drugs and devices, as well as FDA approved gaming devices to treat other conditions. This game changing era is underway.


  • Walter Greenleaf, PhD, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Stanford University's MediaX Program


  • Aaron Gani, Founder & CEO, BehaVR
  • Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, David Dolby Distinguished Professor of Neurology, Physiology & Psychiatry, UC San Francisco; Founder & Executive Director, Neuroscape
  • Georgia Mitsi, GM Mental Health & VR solutions, Biogen
  • Michael Sughrue, MD, Founder and CMO, Omniscient Neurotechnology

Salon 3 – Next Gen Oncology Therapeutics: Changing the Cancer Landscape
Recent collaborations and financing deals involving small-mid biotechs and big pharmaceutical firms are focused on next-generation cancer therapies. Learn about new cancer therapies in development, and the focus on new classes of drugs from oncolytic viruses to radiotherapeutics, which are in stark contrast to CAR-T cell–based therapies.


  • Joseph Pearlberg, MD, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Deerfield


  • Jennifer Buell, PhD, President and COO, Agenus
  • Colin Hayward, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Telix Pharmaceuticals
  • William Ho, CEO, & Co-Founder, IN8bio
  • Arthur Kuan, CEO, CG Oncology
  • Weimin Tang, PhD, EVP, Global Business Head, I-Mab
  • Lihua Zheng, PhD, Chief Business Officer, Anheart Therapeutics

Presenting Companies

2:30 pm

Dialogue 4 – Investing in Health & Happiness
Health and happiness science is one of the most profound investment opportunities in decades. Greater health unlocks the potential for happiness; the absence of health closes off paths toward happiness. Conversely, a happier human has greater potential to be a healthier human. No greater example of this exists than the biome, which shows a clear connection between biology and mood in both directions. Learn about what investors are focusing on in emerging science and technology.


  • Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner, Ataraxia Capital Partners


  • Jonathan Keidan, Founder & Managing Partner, Torch Capital
  • Sergio Ruiz, Managing Director, Methuselah Fund
  • Deborah Lafer Scher, Former Executive Advisor to the Secretary, Secretary's Center for Strategic Partnerships, US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Harald F. Stock, PhD, Managing General Partner, Alta Capital KG

Salon 4 – Neuroinnovation and AI Driven Robotics & Devices: Changing Healthcare
The potential for AI and technology in healthcare is massive. Learn what new startups are working on in the neuroinnovation space, and how this will change our everyday lives. The panel will address how AI and robotics are increasingly a part of our healthcare ecosystem and how technology in the neuroinnovation space can help propel cures for neurodegenerative diseases. The panelists will also share how partnerships can help propel innovations in this space.


  • Samantha Surrey, Partner, Surrey Capital Hinduja Group


  • Babak Kateb, MD, Chairman of the Board of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) and President of the Brain Mapping Foundation
  • Jonathan Sackier, MD, Board of Directors, AiM Medical Robotics
  • Greg Simon, Consultant, Simonovation, LLC

3:30 pm

Spotlight Session – “A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare and the Science of Wellness”
Healthcare today has four striking challenges: quality, cost, an aging population, and the explosion of chronic diseases. Beyond the Human Genome (BHG) promises to provide the infrastructure to follow and optimize the health trajectory for each of a million different patients. BHG project will attack each of the four healthcare challenges with powerful solutions. BHG will significantly expand the Science of Wellness and create the opportunity to extend this vision to all Americans. BHG will lead to the largest paradigm shift in healthcare ever. Significant challenges like ahead in convincing a conservative healthcare system to adopt change.

  • Leroy (Lee) Hood, MD, PhD, SVP and Chief Science Officer, Providence; Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder & Professor, Institute for Systems Biology (ISB)

Power Networking Hour

4:30 pm

Closing Plenary – Plenary Session: From Rags to Riches: Will the Trend of Fantastical A-rounds, Oversized IPOs and SPAC Utilization Continue in 2022?
2020 was a banner year for dollars flowing into the life-sciences and healthcare space and it continues in 2021. Let’s look into the future to discuss what the leadership of innovation driven companies and their investors can expect.


  • Dennis Purcell, Founder & Senior Advisor, Aisling Capital


  • Eli Casdin, Chief Investment Officer, Casdin Capital, LLC
  • Jo Natauri, Global Head of Healthcare Investing, Asset Management Division, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc
  • Oleg Nodelman, Founder and Managing Director, EcoR1 Capital, LLC
  • Umer Raffat, Senior Managing Director, Evercore ISI

6:00-8:00 pm

Evening Reception

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